Dealers Den

The Dealers Den contains resellers of products and services that are of science fiction, fantasy, or fannish interest, as well as artists or writers wishing for more space. Spaces in the Dealers Den are a 10×10 Booth space, or two 10×10 Booths adjacent, and Table spaces (footprints vary). No more than 2 booths may be reserved, and table spaces are only available in singlets.

One table and one membership comes free with each space you purchase, and you may order one extra table for a booth space for $15.  Table sizes are 6’x18″; 6’x30″; 8’x18″; or 8’x30″.

Booth spaces: $175 each
Table spaces: $105

The Artists Alley, Dealers Den, and the Writers Block will be in the Exhibit Hall, under the guidance of the Market Liaison, Lea Rush, and the Artists Alley Liaison, Ruth Sachter.  To apply, please follow THIS LINK